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Photo-​Woman,​ L​​LC.



Timeless Photographic Keep​sakes

Capture the stunning moments of your life and get keepsakes that you’ll treasure forever!



Your Story B​egins Here!

Welcome!  I am so honored that you're considering having me tell a little of your story.  You've most likely found yourself here because you want to bottle up this moment in your life in a beautiful and meaningful way.  I believe everyone has a unique story to be told and I would love to capture portraits that are not only beautiful, but filled with real connections, movement and moments that are only unique to you.  I replace words like "say ch​eese!" with phrases ​like "snuggle up!" which will allow you to focus on the moment with your loved ones.  These are not your typical portraits.  These moments are real, raw and the images capture the moment versus the pose- you'll get portraits that display the most genuine and authentic moments between you and your loved ones.

A Golden Hour Lifestyle S​tudio

We're so fortunate to have the most beautiful Golden Hour here in South Florida.  The soft, golden and magical light takes place in the hour before and during sunset, and during and immediately after sunrise.  A golden hour storytelling session with me will give you the unique and authentic portraits that will be treasured for generations. 

I've put together a little Gallery of sessions that were photographed during this magical time- 

simply click below to view!


My ​Mission Statement

To provide a fun and comfortable experience in 

front of the camera at- the product will 

be unique and timeless photographs 

that you are sure to treasure for generations to come.

Goldehour-Deerfield Beach-Photo-Woman,LLC

Photo:  Danielle Rovito

Hi there, I'm Inger!  I grew up on a small Island in Norway and my dream was to study art in the US, and thanks to the most supportive parents I was able to come here and start fulfilling that dream at 16 I studied Art History and Photography at ​California State University, CA and at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL.


I mentioned earlier that I love to call myself a Lifestyle Photographer.  I can appreciate the traditional pose with all eyes smiling at the camera, but the candid interaction that produces genuine laughter and smiles, is my jam!​ 

My classical art education and years of training has​​​​​​​​​ given me the experience of blending the old with the new.  At your session we'll generally capture the more traditional poses first and thereafter allow the natural expressions and connections to unfold.  We'll together create images that will exceed your expectations!


I can promise that I'll give my whole heart documenting your story.  I'm very experienced with little ones and a busy family life.  I'm looking forward to capturing the beautiful, but fleeting moments in your life that would otherwise be lost to time!


                KIND WORDS